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Don’t let a tweet destroy your career progression

Twitter logosWith the job market and the economy currently languishing in the doldrums, it can be harder than ever to get your foot on to the HR career path, or move up the ladder to your next challenge. And to make matters even harder, employers now are using even more sophisticated techniques to carry out background checks on new applicants – including social-media checks.

Through a service pioneered by Social Intelligence Corp, a start-up in California, employers can now receive reports on their prospective next recruit that flag up their social-media usage and history. This means potentially that every ill-advised tweet, dodgy Facebook status or drunken photo can be retrieved and compiled into a fairly enlightening dossier for HR to peruse.

Of course, this isn’t entirely a surprise to job hunters, who have been hearing warnings of such searches for some years now. However, what many don’t realise is just how easy it is to access seemingly private social-media accounts and how permanent online updates are. And if it seems a little ‘Big Brother’, then sadly your concerns are irrelevant. As the Social Intelligence team point out, they aren’t detectives – they gather what’s already available, publicly, online. Increasingly it will become part of the HR department’s job to look into applicants’ online history, and social media activity, as a new stage of the recruitment process.

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Twenty HR gurus making an impact on Twitter

20 HR Gurus you must follow on TwitterHR is all about people – and so is Twitter – so a combination of the two seems obvious and perhaps explains why there are so many HR professionals on Twitter talking about their sector. Whether you want some quick tips, a chance to network or links to the best HR content, these are our 20 HR gurus you must follow on Twitter.

Tweeter: Jason Corsello
Tweets things like: “Really enjoyed #hrtecheurope and spending time with customers. Very unique views of HR & tech across Europe. Thx Amsterdam”

Tweeter: Jason Averbook
Tweets things like: “Most #HRMS systems today were implemented before the internet was around; how can we deploy today’s solutions in the same manner #crazy”

Tweeter: Bill Kutik
Tweets things like: “Group Statistics for HR Technology Conference”

Tweeter: Todd Raphael
Tweets things like: “A job description that’s about the candidate, not the employer.”

Tweeter: Laurie Ruettimann
Tweets things like: “Going through my google reader catching up on #HR blogs. I see saturation, maturity, complacency. Nothing that jumps out at me. Am I wrong?”

Tweeter: Jessica Lee
Tweets things like: “Cynical me wonders is it dropping or are ppl not filing? RT @CNNmoney: Unemployment claims drop to 7-month low”

Tweeter: Jason Seiden
Tweets things like: “Great suggestion from @badgergirl to hold #AjaxSocMed client conference in Banff next year. Networking 2 b done while heli-skiing.”

Tweeter: Naomi Bloom
Tweets things like: “While much younger than me, @Grady_Booch captures the history of computing that I have lived right here”

Tweeter: Sharlyn Lauby
Tweets things like: “It’s so important to network all the time just not when you need it. Have a great session!”

Tweeter: Ben Eubanks
Tweets things like: “@DaveTheHRCzar It most certainly was not. Agree-if U don’t like them in short interview there’s low chances of enjoying their employment!”

Tweeter: Mark Stelzner
Tweets things like: “I’m reading, “Anger Has No Place in Business”, a great @NYTimes interview of Robert L. Johnson”

Tweeter: Mary Wilson
Tweets things like: “Had a great time today doing LinkedIn makeovers with the delightful @phyllismufson. Finally met in person after 3 yrs of tweeting together.”

Tweeter: Shirley Ray
Tweets things like: “Job seekers, do you approach your profession tactically or strategically? Top tier employers want strategically tactical “A” players.”

Tweeter: Susan Heathfield
Tweets things like: “Interesting concept: job sharing to keep more people employed. Less hours and less pay, but more people working…”

Tweeter: Lisa Rosendahl
Tweets things like: “Have your read @alevit new book, Blind Spots, filled with a ton of career advice? I did!”

Tweeter: Jason Alba
Tweets things like: “Flying to NJ/NYC to speak at Cornell on Saturday… excited!!”

Tweeter: Kevin W. Grossman
Tweets things like: “Here’s the money shot. Q6: How can #TChat be improved? What would you like us to do in year two? #tchat”

Tweeter: John Sumser
Tweets things like: “Looking for work? Here’s a job fair touting tech openings in India – Computerworld <– How did I miss this?”

Tweeter: David Shepherd
Tweets things like: “Catching up with post and comments on workplace social media policies I’m in favour”

Tweeter: Cyndy Trivella
Tweets things like: “New blog on http://www.nastalenttalk! @mattkaisersd offers tips for the onsite #application process. #hr #recruitment”