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Dismissed or been made redundant? Check your legal position here

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Have you just lost your job in HR? Maybe you’ve been fired, or maybe you’ve been told you’re being made redundant. It’s possible you felt like you had to resign because of something happening at work.

If one of these situations has occurred, it is crucial to understand the actual process of losing your job, say the experts at Contact Law. Understanding this could be the difference between being able to get another job quickly, getting compensation for your situation, or even being offered an alternative position and remaining in employment.

Contact Law has designed an easy-to-use flow chat that gives you immediate information about what your rights are and what you should do next.
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HR recruitment 2012 – Who’s going to win in an Olympic year?

What does the New Year hold for HR professionals – and what HR roles, and in which sectors, will be up for grabs in an Olympic Year?

If 2011 saw HR face a sustained increase in workplace unrest as austerity measures, longer working hours, stress and a genuine skills gap took their toll on the UK workforce, what can HR professionals expect in 2012?

Rising unemployment is sure to continue a growing trend of staff absence, sickness, stress-related problems and grievances, as revealed in the latest research undertaken by Speechly Bircham and the Management Learning Board at King’s College London.

The study concludes that future increases in working hours were only expected to result in higher staff turnover and even more workplace unrest this year. Two out of five of those questioned anticipated seeing a deterioration in employee relations during 2011, while 29% believed that the number of employee grievances would continue to rise.

Engagement remains high on the agenda, with just over two thirds stating that maintaining employee engagement was a priority this coming year, with the majority hoping to achieve it by ensuring that their leaders and managers were up to the job.

Sarah Malley, Director of Morton Steel, says: “I would hope that going into 2012, our clients would continue to be cautious but optimistic with their recruiting. I think everyone has gone through their restructuring now so I think next year should be stable”.

So what does that mean for members of Team HR – who stands to win, and who may fall back in the ratings?

Positions on the Podium
The good news is that HR as a whole will be just as valued, and perhaps even more so, in 2012. Organisations will continue to reshape and restructure in the face of the economic climate – so the trend of the last three years, which has seen HR itself restructure more towards Change Management and Business Strategy, as opposed to ‘transactional and tactical’, will continue.
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