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Pensions Jobs: Pension Administrator

Pension administrator jobs are very important within the HR department of any company as these pension jobs oversee the entire group pension plan and carries out the day to day admin as well as liaising with employees, insurance policy providers and the company. To find out more about these pensions jobs, read on.

Pension Administrator Jobs

  • Those with pension administrator jobs need to be able to work in an organised and methodical way because a large amount of the work in these pensions jobs is of an administrative nature and for obvious reasons, mistakes and oversights can be very costly.
  • Pension administrator jobs can be found in a wide variety of companies including pension providers (either public sector or private), a company pension scheme, third party administrators or consultants. These pension jobs require the individual to be able to liaise with a wide number of companies and individuals, therefore, it vital that those with pension administrator jobs have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • General day to day activities in pension administrator jobs will include keeping all pension scheme records, providing statements, calculating benefits and arranging how these are dealt with as well as overseeing pension payments upon the retirement of an individual. These pension jobs will also require the individual to ensure that the pension policy complies with financial law and regulations.
  • Because those with pensions administrator jobs will be dealing with customers on a regular basis, good customer service skills are essential. To be able to work in these pensions jobs, you will most likely require qualifications from the Pensions Management Institute. These can often be acquired while working pension jobs.
  • The salaries for pension administrator jobs can vary but once qualified, you should earn in the region of £18k – £23k per year. you can search for a wide range of pension administrator jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.