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Information on Payroll Jobs

Payroll jobs are an essential part of any company as they ensure that all the employees get paid and things such as tax and national insurance are paid in the correct amounts. Payroll jobs will most likely be based in the HR department depending on the size of the company; there may well be duplicate jobs in payroll. To find out more about a payroll job, read on.

About Jobs in Payroll

  • The main focus of jobs in payroll is to calculate working hours and ensure that all employees in a company are paid correctly and on time. The payroll job will also involve working out national insurance and tax deductions as well making pension payments.
  • Jobs in payroll require certain skills and abilities to be able to do the job correctly. One of the main things about payroll jobs is the ability to pay attention to detail as even small mistakes can make a big difference to the amount that an employee gets paid. Payroll jobs require the use of a computer so basic IT skills are essential as are basic mathematical skills.
  • You will be working within the HR department of a company in a payroll job so the ability to work effectively with other people is essential. Good communicative and interpersonal skills will be helpful, as will the ability to work in a methodical and organised manner.
  • To be able to get jobs in payroll you will need a good GCSE education and previous office or administrative experience would help your application. Many companies use specific computer programs to assist with payroll jobs and previous experience with such programs would be beneficial.
  • The salary for jobs in payroll can vary but you should expect a salary in the region of £15k to £18k per year but managerial jobs in payroll can come with salaries of £25k+ per year. You can search for payroll jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.

Payroll Jobs Guide

As you would expect, payroll jobs are concerned with all aspects of the wages and correct payment of employees. Jobs in payroll can vary somewhat but they are all connected to this main point. To find out more about jobs in payroll, read on.

About Jobs In Payroll

  • Any payroll jobs will be concerned with getting the wages paid to the correct people at the correct time for the correct amount. Most companies have their own payroll departments but some companies will outsource certain payroll jobs to specialist companies.
  • The payroll manager is the top payroll job and duties for these jobs in payroll include managing and training the other payroll staff, creating and implementing policies, making sure that the payroll department does not fall foul of tax and pay laws as well analysing and reporting on finances to the company directors. Depending on the payroll job, the payroll manager may have to form part of the wider HR department and conduct employee benefit and fair pay schemes.
  • Most of the other jobs in payroll will be concerned with the general administrative duties of payroll which includes calculating pay including tax and NI deductions, processing holiday/sickness/maternity pay as well as working out expenses and overtime payments. These payroll jobs will be carried out by the payroll administrator.
  • Other jobs in payroll that will be carried out by the administrator will include general record keeping and filing, issuing P45s and P60s as well as any other general office admin tasks. To be successful in a payroll job, you need to be good at maths, organised, methodical, possess good IT skills and be able to work effectively as part of a team.
  • Although there are no formal qualifications required for jobs in payroll, you should have good GCSEs in maths & English etc. and many jobs in payroll may include education to work towards management certificates. Generally, a payroll administrator job will pay between £13k and £18k pa depending on the company. This can rise to £22k-£25k pa with experience and manager payroll jobs can pay up to £40k pa.

You can search for a wide range of payroll jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.