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Anonymous CVs – Where does your organisation stand?

group of professionalsThe government has proposed a new initiative that aims to make it a lot easier for job hunters to get a job without fear of discrimination during the application stage. The new strategy has been designed so that companies in the future will ask for anonymous CVs that omit information, including the candidates’ names and where they went to school.

The idea behind the recruitment initiative is to give candidates a fair chance of getting an interview and to help eradicate the idea that you can get a job because of who you know or what top school you attended, rather than what you know and your capabilities.

Already, around 100 of the UK’s largest businesses have joined the initiative to help change the culture that currently exists when recruiting for new posts. Under the government’s Business Compact scheme, major firms including Tesco, Coco-Cola and Barclays have come on board and agreed to use new application forms which will not include information such as school, name, gender and ethnicity.

By agreeing to the scheme, companies will use an application form with blanks for name and school, as these questions are believed to often lead to discrimination when selecting candidates for interview. It is thought that companies may unintentionally discriminate against names that sound foreign. The type of school attended favours the old boy network that still exists.
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Why HR needs good negotiation skills, and how you can build them

Why HR needs good negotiation skills, and how you can build themWhen the Government first announced that the public sector would have to make severe cuts, Richard Crouch, HR director of Somerset County Council, suggested that some HR teams would lack the necessary negotiation skills to deal with the changes.

Since then, Crouch has been forced to change his mind. He believes that, since the economic downturn started to bite, HR professionals now enter so many discussions about redundancies, pay and performance that they have had no choice but to hone their negotiation skills.

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