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Twenty HR gurus making an impact on Twitter

20 HR Gurus you must follow on TwitterHR is all about people – and so is Twitter – so a combination of the two seems obvious and perhaps explains why there are so many HR professionals on Twitter talking about their sector. Whether you want some quick tips, a chance to network or links to the best HR content, these are our 20 HR gurus you must follow on Twitter.

Tweeter: Jason Corsello
Tweets things like: “Really enjoyed #hrtecheurope and spending time with customers. Very unique views of HR & tech across Europe. Thx Amsterdam”

Tweeter: Jason Averbook
Tweets things like: “Most #HRMS systems today were implemented before the internet was around; how can we deploy today’s solutions in the same manner #crazy”

Tweeter: Bill Kutik
Tweets things like: “Group Statistics for HR Technology Conference”

Tweeter: Todd Raphael
Tweets things like: “A job description that’s about the candidate, not the employer.”

Tweeter: Laurie Ruettimann
Tweets things like: “Going through my google reader catching up on #HR blogs. I see saturation, maturity, complacency. Nothing that jumps out at me. Am I wrong?”

Tweeter: Jessica Lee
Tweets things like: “Cynical me wonders is it dropping or are ppl not filing? RT @CNNmoney: Unemployment claims drop to 7-month low”

Tweeter: Jason Seiden
Tweets things like: “Great suggestion from @badgergirl to hold #AjaxSocMed client conference in Banff next year. Networking 2 b done while heli-skiing.”

Tweeter: Naomi Bloom
Tweets things like: “While much younger than me, @Grady_Booch captures the history of computing that I have lived right here”

Tweeter: Sharlyn Lauby
Tweets things like: “It’s so important to network all the time just not when you need it. Have a great session!”

Tweeter: Ben Eubanks
Tweets things like: “@DaveTheHRCzar It most certainly was not. Agree-if U don’t like them in short interview there’s low chances of enjoying their employment!”

Tweeter: Mark Stelzner
Tweets things like: “I’m reading, “Anger Has No Place in Business”, a great @NYTimes interview of Robert L. Johnson”

Tweeter: Mary Wilson
Tweets things like: “Had a great time today doing LinkedIn makeovers with the delightful @phyllismufson. Finally met in person after 3 yrs of tweeting together.”

Tweeter: Shirley Ray
Tweets things like: “Job seekers, do you approach your profession tactically or strategically? Top tier employers want strategically tactical “A” players.”

Tweeter: Susan Heathfield
Tweets things like: “Interesting concept: job sharing to keep more people employed. Less hours and less pay, but more people working…”

Tweeter: Lisa Rosendahl
Tweets things like: “Have your read @alevit new book, Blind Spots, filled with a ton of career advice? I did!”

Tweeter: Jason Alba
Tweets things like: “Flying to NJ/NYC to speak at Cornell on Saturday… excited!!”

Tweeter: Kevin W. Grossman
Tweets things like: “Here’s the money shot. Q6: How can #TChat be improved? What would you like us to do in year two? #tchat”

Tweeter: John Sumser
Tweets things like: “Looking for work? Here’s a job fair touting tech openings in India – Computerworld <– How did I miss this?”

Tweeter: David Shepherd
Tweets things like: “Catching up with post and comments on workplace social media policies I’m in favour”

Tweeter: Cyndy Trivella
Tweets things like: “New blog on http://www.nastalenttalk! @mattkaisersd offers tips for the onsite #application process. #hr #recruitment”