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HR Admin Jobs: What to Expect

HR administrator jobs are an important part of every HR department and those with Hr admin jobs ensure that the entire HR department runs smoothly and effectively. An HR administrator can be expected to fulfil a number of roles and therefore needs to be able to work successfully as part of a team and have good organisational skills. To find out more about HR administrator jobs, read on.

HR Admin Jobs

  • Those with HR admin jobs undertake the day to day administrative tasks of the HR department and work directly below some of the more senior staff carrying out assistant duties. These duties could include filing, sending letters, reviewing applicant’s CV’s, assisting with the development and implication of policies, data entry and any other office related tasks.

  • Those with HR administrator jobs require certain skills to be able to work effectively as an HR administrator. These include good interpersonal and communicative skills, excellent planning and organisational skills, the ability to work to deadlines and under pressure as well as the ability to prioritise and manage workloads.

  • Computer literacy, spelling and basic mathematical skills are often essential to HR admin jobs as it will require quick and accurate data entry. The ability to establish and maintain working relationships with a wide range of people is also essential.

  • The average salary for an HR administrator will be between £15k and £18k. Those with HR administrator jobs will have had relevant experience in similar previous roles and/or have the relevant qualifications. You can search for HR administrator jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.