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Health and Safety Jobs Description

Jobs in health and safety are a huge part of the modern workplace as more and more attention is placed on making sure that all employees and members of the public remain safe. The health and safety officer is the person that oversees the staff to ensure that policies are stuck to. To find out more about health and safety jobs, read on.

Health and Safety Jobs


  • A health and safety officer will be in charge of creating, implementing and monitoring all health and safety policies within the workplace to ensure that the workforce is at the minimum possible risk of harm. Those with health and safety jobs need to have a full understanding of all aspects of employment law and all relevant health and safety legislation.
  • In the event of an accident it is the responsibility of those with jobs in health and safety to carry out investigations and to decide whether further action needs to be taken. Large companies may have their own, in-house health and safety officer while others will outsource their health and safety jobs to a third party.


  • Those with health and safety jobs need to evaluate the workplace and decide where any potential danger could come from and then liaising with various managers to come up with a health and safety policy. Similarly, the health and safety officer will periodically review current health and safety policy in order to keep it up to date.


  • Jobs in health and safety need to be conducted in an organised and methodical way so these skills are important, as is the ability to be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. The health and safety officer will have to prepare reports on any accidents as well as reviews of health and safety policies.


  • Jobs in health and safety are also concerned with things such as fire drills, fire regulations, noise, substance and waste disposal and the safe installation of equipment. A health and safety officer will be expected to keep up to date on current legislation by reading journals, new legislation and attending seminars.


There are a number of key entry requirements for the job of a health and safety officer including an NVQ level 4 in Occupational Health and Safety Practice. Some universities also offer relevant degree courses for jobs in health and safety. The average salary for health and safety jobs is anywhere from £25k – £60k depending on experience and position held. You can search for a wide range of jobs in health and safety here on Simply HR Jobs.