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HR Assistant

Human Resources are an essential department in any company or organization. They deal with a range of jobs including recruitment, payroll, health and safety, employment law compliance and other personal issues among the employees.

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Employee Relations Jobs – A Guide

Employee Relations Jobs

To function effectively, any business or organisations needs to ensure any matters that may arise in regards to employee relations are handled swiftly and efficiently. Therefore, employee relations jobs are becoming increasingly important in the working environment. To learn more about what the job of an employee relations specialist entails, read the guide below.

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Human Resources Advisor Job Description

HR advisors

If you choose to pursue a career as a human resource advisor then you will be responsible for a full range of human resource services to your company or clients. You might have to provide consultation in areas such as recruitment, selection, issues relating to new employment laws, salary and employee relations issues.

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Human Resource Manager Job Description

A Human Resource Manager will have a number of responsibilities according to the size of the company they work for. Within large organisations it is not uncommon to have several people heading the HR department all with specific management focus. Usually, managing human resources will entail training, compensation, and recruitment processes. Their job is to be a link between employees and the company, striving to maintain both sides of business.

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Getting into HR

Getting Into HR

If you are interested in a career in the HR industry, it's essential to do your research on this industry before you apply. HR is one of the largest growing sectors in the whole jobs industry, so there may be lots of competitors all vying for the same job. To learn how to get noticed in HR, read our advice below.

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