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Take the Alan Sugar leadership test.

Alan Sugar returned to our screens in the Junior Apprentice last week, Below is the Alan Sugar test, devised by Kingston University in South West London - have you got what it takes to lead in your organisation?
Please choose a number between one and seven for how much you agree or disagree with the following statements. One is strongly disagree and seven is strongly agree.
  1. I think I am a very imaginative person.
  2. I am good at getting people to work well together.
  3. Making mistakes is a good way of finding out how to solve a problem.
  4. I work hard to make my projects successful.
  5. I think my future career is largely up to me.
  6. To achieve something worthwhile it is necessary to take risks.
  7. I enjoy lecturers who try out different ways of teaching.
  8. I'm good at motivating my colleagues.
  9. I trust my own instinct when solving problems.
  10. I would be prepared to invest my own money in a venture I believed in.
  11. It is important to plan my future career.
  12. It feels really good when a project works out well.
Calculation of results To obtain an overall test score add the scores for all 12 statements. Maximum score is 84 and the minimum score is 12.   If you scored 70 or more you are a highly enterprising person. You like thinking up original ideas and you have the motivation and persuasive powers needed to get others involved. You trust your own judgement and are prepared to stand by your beliefs.   If you scored between 55 and 69 you can sometimes be enterprising and you have some of the qualities needed to be a successful leader or entrepreneur. However, you don’t yet have the self belief and drive to go all the way.   If you scored 54 or less you probably have all sorts of other qualities, but being enterprising isn’t one of them. Not everyone wants to be or can be an entrepreneur, and let’s face it there is probably only room for one Simon Cowell on the planet.
What is your score?   © 2009 Rosemary Athayde, Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University

Simon Cowell voted best HR director in a work dream team.

  Simon Cowell is the man most British employees would like to see as their HR director.
A survey which was conducted by found 82% of respondents said that they thought Simon Cowell would be perfect as a HR Director, with most of those interviewed saying it was his ruthless manner that would work well in this ‘hiring and firing' role.
Lord Alan Sugar was voted to be the best CEO, with 82% of respondents choosing him. Of the people polled, 68% chose Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Manager as the best choice for managing director, closely followed by Apple's Steve Jobs, with 63% saying that he would make a great Managing Director. polled 1,386 members of the British public to find out which celebrities they would most like to see in roles that are found in an office environment.   Sir Alex Ferguson wasn't the only football manager that made it into the work dream team, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini was voted the person people would like to have as head of recruitment, 58% in total. Bill Gates was the person voted to be best at tech support, with 74% of people choosing him. 61% of people interviewed said that they thought  Moss and Roy from the hit comedy The IT Crowd would be ideal candidates for technical support. Friends star Monica Gellar was the most popular choice for office manager with 53% of people choosing her.  Lisette Howlett, managing director of, said: "Our fictional office would no doubt be a fantastic place to work - though there may be a few too many egos floating around.   "The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has been such a successful manager at Manchester United makes him a great choice for the role of managing director, having a proven track record. Seeing as we specialise in recruitment at, allowing users to review and research recruitment agencies across the UK, we'd like to think this dream dozen would help any business run efficiently."

HR Business Partner Job Description

HR Business Partner

There's much to recommend a job as an HR partner - but this varied role is not suited to everyone, as it involves a lot of versatility and plenty of attention to detail. If you're interested in HR business partner jobs read the job description below to learn more about landing your dream job in this field.

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HR Manager Job Description

HR managers are responsible for the welfare of all the staff within a specific company. The HR manager’s job will involve everything from employing the right people for the company and looking after the existing members of staff. This is a brief HR manager job description. The Role of HR Managers
  • Key to the HR manager’s job is knowing how the company operates both internally and as a business. Knowing this and the company’s objectives means that you will be able to employ the right people who will bring the most to the company.
  • Good interpersonal skills are essential as you will be working with a lot of other people and departments. HR managers are involved developing, advising, implementing and communicating various management policies to the workforce. Just how much HR managers have to do with all of this will depend on the size of the company. Small companies may only have on HR manager while large companies will have different people in charge of different departments such as recruiting.
  • HR managers deal with employment law and making sure that the working conditions are of an acceptable standards and dealing with any other issues that affect an employees rights. Recruitment is also a big part of an HR manager’s job. HR managers deal with making sure all staff are trained correctly and paid correctly.
HR Managers – Recommended Skills
  • Good interpersonal, communication, diplomatic and negotiation skills
  • Good organisational skills and initiative, especially under pressure
  • The ability to work with all personnel, displaying tact at all times
  • Good numerical, written and IT skills
  • Good motivation, drive and work ethic
The average salary for HR managers can be anywhere between £22,000 and £60,000 per year depending on experience and position held. You can search for HR manager vacancies and