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Employment Law Jobs Guide

Employment law encompasses every possible aspect of employment in the UK and it is essential that a company sticks to it therefore jobs in employment law with companies are quite common and they involve ensuring that the company and the employee know their legal obligations and rights. To find out more about employment law jobs, read on. Employment Law Jobs
  • Everybody with jobs in employment law will be required to have undergone a legal or paralegal course (probably a degree) and have a full understanding on UK employment law. Large companies may have in house employment law jobs while smaller companies may just employ a third party employment law solicitor.
  • Those with employment law jobs will assist in drawing up employee contracts to outline exactly what is and isn’t expected of the employee and the employer with regards to pay, working hours, health and safety, benefits, company policies and equal opportunities etc.
  • Employment law jobs are not just focussed on drawing up company policies and ensuring that they are stuck to but people with jobs in employment law may also be expected to represent employees or employers with regards to conflict resolution and employment tribunals.
  • The large majority of employment law jobs however will involve advising all parties on their rights and responsibilities within UK employment law. Those with employment law jobs will need a degree or equivalent qualification as well as experience within the field of employment law.
  • The salaries for employment law jobs can vary. An entry level employment law job will pay anywhere between £30k and £50k per year depending on experience and location but senior employment law jobs can easily earn over £70k per year.
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Employment Law Checklist

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employment law

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