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Key HR Trends To Discuss In Your HR Interview

The Human Resources industry is evolving. As society becomes continuously modernised it’s showing signs of rapid increase, from how people work to the environment they work in, it’s constantly changing. This is why for HR professionals, it’s important to keep up to date with trends to show you’re knowledgeable of the changes that are happening within the industry and adapting to keep ahead of the game. To make sure you really stand out from other candidates in the interview process, it’s good to highlight trends that can spark up discussion and show your genuine interests in the sector. Here are a few that you should keep your eye on.

Flexible Working

The attitude towards work is changing within modern society. Work-life balance is now becoming more of a priority for employees as they look to steer away from the stressful 9-5 routine. Many employers now offer the perks of flexible working hours and work from home opportunities. Young and ambitious employees are becoming more sociable and will have flexible working as one of the main priorities, which will have employees seeing it as an opportunity to attract younger talent. Flexible working is also seen as a great way to retain top talent for the long term.

Performance Reviews

Ambition continues to be within the top attributes that any employer looks for in any candidate. The idea is to retain staff and helping them improve leading to the potential of working their way up through the organisation over a number of years. How this is managed is through performance reviews and what once used to be the system of having performance reviews after a 6-12 month period, will now be seen a continuous measurement throughout the year. Added guidance and mentoring will be provided to those who are seen with the most potential, whilst others who are not up to scratch will be found out and replaced if the work isn’t being put in. There are plenty of eager candidates out there and organisations will be constantly looking for progress which they’ll find elsewhere if their current resources aren’t efficient.

Online Learning

As working environments become even more challenging and roles become more competitive, it’s important for employees to continuously learn in their role to improve performance and teach others around them. Online learning is a great way helping employees learn effectively and as younger employees are getting hired, it’s a better way for them to engage with their learning experiences. Technologies are advancing in the education sector allowing different ways of learning which are beneficial and absorbing for employees.


Chatbots are slowly becoming the norm within the HR industry with many organisations now adopting the technology as a first point of contact for customers. It’s a great way for companies to utilise their time and resources in other ways and make the most of their HR team. There seems to be a shift in terms of how customers like to contact organisations, making the most of technology rather than the traditional telephone call method. In introducing chatbots, it saves time and money.


Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been around for a while, it is still yet to be utilised within the HR industry. It’s seen as a great way to retain employees by combining the technology with human data to manage hiring, training and engagement. As AI can provide more supported data, it can be beneficial from an HR point of view to make sure that employees remain happy and the technology can be utilised for decision making purposes.

Bio: Alice Porter works closely with Gorvins to better inform professionals on how to become more successful within their respective industries.