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“I Regretted My First Graduate Job”

After the release of the A Level results and GCSE’s over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a surge in visits and applications to Simply HR Jobs. Which brought us to the question; “How many graduates actually stay in their first jobs for life?”


This lead us to do a bit of research into the topic and we soon found out that almost two thirds of graduates regret their first job roles.

Almost a quarter of graduates leave their first role within the first year of joining. These figures come from global research carried out by CEB.

It is suggested that there is a severe disconnect between employers attraction strategies and what graduates are looking for from their potential employers, with 87% of graduate employers stating they still have unfilled graduate roles.

CEB’s chief science and analytics officer, Eugene Burke, goes on to state that “today’s graduates want to understand what opportunities there are to develop and grow, demonstrate the talents they have and progress in the organisation,” he said. “Many firms simply lack clear intelligence on their graduate talent to know what is going to make them stay and be high-performing employees.”

Burke went on to add that employers must change the way they act or they will continue to see a disappointing return on their graduate recruitment strategies.

If you’re a graduate who has just received their A Level or GCSE results, take a look at some of the roles on offer in HR here. However, take this article as a pointer and remember to make sure that you are passionate about the role you’re applying for.

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