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How to impress at a panel interview

Interview iStock_000019674221Small 3It’s worth remembering that the intention of the assembled inquisitors at a panel interview is not to intimidate, but simply to get to know you.

And just as in any job interview situation, this is your chance to show intelligence, confidence, interest and ability, and ultimately secure your perfect hr job. So be focused and controlled, and you’ll get results.

Often panels are put together for high level candidates, so that several relevant people within the organization can take part at once – the HR director, the finance director and the head of marketing, for example. They will all be looking for certain qualities – i.e. will you fit the company culture, have you got relevant experience, can you handle a large resourcing budget, will you do your best to promote the company through your work? Some recruitment experts say it’s a good idea to view the panel interview as several meetings handily combined into one time-efficient get together. You’re getting it all over with at once, in other words.

The people who stand out in these panel situations are those who relax and interact. They have clearly used their intelligence to do some research, and have genuine questions for the interviewers showing a rounded understanding of what’s needed. Their personality will come through in the way they cope with a challenging situation.
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Record number of apprenticeships for 2012/13

Apprenticeships cropApprenticeships have really taken off in recent years with a record number of British people – nearly 860,000 – known to be taking part in an apprenticeship in 2012/13, according to new figures.

This was almost 370,000 more than three years ago, according to statistics released by the Skills Funding Agency. The number of participants in higher apprenticeships also increased by 50,000 this year.

Since 2010, over 1.5 million people have signed up for an apprenticeship place. However there was a slight drop in the number of apprenticeship starts in 2012/13 at 495,100, compared to 520,600 in 2011/12.

Skills minister Matthew Hancock hailed these figures, saying: “This is good news for the economy, and good news for those getting the skills they need to prosper. There are now more options than ever before with a focus on the quality and rigour that people and employers want from apprenticeships.”
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Job prospects highest for six years

We're Hiring SignHere’s some good news for jobseekers in the UK, and for those working in HR resourcing and recruitment.

Job prospects for the final quarter of this year look their brightest for six years, a study has found. Jobs are being created in engineering, finance, business services and green energy. In fact every sector apart from construction are hiring more people than they’re firing.

According to a quarterly survey of 2,100 companies by Manpower Group, employers expect to increase staff in every sector except construction, strongest hiring plans were in northwest and eastern England.

These findings echo other recent surveys suggesting that vacancies are rising, increasing hopes that the economic recovery will eventually be felt in the UK jobs market.

The ManpowerGroup survey showed a net employment outlook of plus six per cent, meaning that more employers are planning to recruit than to reduce their workforces.
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How to stay motivated on the HR job hunt

motivationReceiving rejection letters, emails and phone calls can be a tough part of the job-hunting process. Worse still are those days of hearing nothing at all from potential employers, even when you have slogged over countless application forms.

on’t give up! As an HR professional you will know that now is the time for inner strength and renewed energy in your job search. To keep on track until your ideal HR advisor or brand HR business partner job comes along, it’s vital to stay focused and positive.

You know that no one is successful with every job application. The wise way of coping is to try and learn from each experience and move on. Whatever you do, don’t get frustrated and angry and let that show when dealing with potential employers. A positive mindset and raw enthusiasm helps make a good impression, both in writing and in person, so don’t sway from the chirpy outlook, no matter how prolonged and painful the hunt seems to be.

Here are some great ways to stay motivated and on track:

1. Set written goals
Having a very clear, structured action plan will help get you started. With a list of goals – including companies you are writing to, where you are uploading your CV and registering for jobs by email, networking you will do, careers events you will attend – you have a record of how much you are achieving over time. Factor in time off and treats too – you will need to reward yourself along the way.
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