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Organisations ‘lack creativity’ in approach to people development says survey

HR augustCorporates lack confidence in the ability to retain people critical to their success despite high levels of investment in development programmes. This is the view of Right Management which has just carried out research into the effectiveness of people development programmes. It shows that less than half of senior managers in UK and Irish blue chip organisations are confident of retaining those people who are strategically important to the business. Worryingly only 55% believe they are effective at retaining their future senior leaders. The suggestion is that HR professionals need to work harder to offer meaningful people development schemes.

According to the CIPD the costs of hiring a senior leader can go up to £100,000 in advertising costs, agency or search fees only and in 2010 sixty-eight per cent of organisations reported difficulties in filling vacancies. This demonstrates that it is absolutely essential for companies to put strong programmes in place by blending traditional and experiential development techniques, which will help develop their talent and in turn enable their organistation achieve its business objectives.

However Mark Hodgson, Practice Leader of Talent Management in Right Management, says: “The results suggest a lack of creative thinking in the way development programmes are structured, particularly for high value individuals”.
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