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A definitive guide to social intranet strategy

A definitive guide to social intranet strategyA social intranet is only one part technology, and two parts people and process. In fact, technology is only an enabler, and may only be worth 20% of the total value of an intranet.

Truth be told, a successful social intranet is remarkably similar to an intranet. Not unlike like the high-performance sports car to the family car, a high-performance social intranet resembles the corporate, family intranet at first glance… but only when it’s not performing to expectations.

So to find out more and learn how to utilize a social intranet, head over to and read the definitive guide to social intranet strategy.

2012 Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Summit

2012 Leadership & Emotional Intelligence SummitThe 2012 Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Summit is a powerful one-day event that explores how organizations can more effectively identify, measure and develop successful leadership behaviours. It takes place at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London, on 9th March 2012.

The Summit brings together Dr Paul Ekman, a world-leading psychologist and global pioneer in understanding emotions named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People, with Dr Martyn Newman, consulting psychologist and recognized expert in emotional intelligence and leadership, as well as leading HR professionals from around the world.

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Social Media In Recruitment Conference

Social Media In Recruitment ConferenceOn the 19th April 2012 at the Congress Centre in London the fourth Social Media in Recruitment Conference will take place.

The 2012 Conference is aimed at helping the following types of organisations get the most from using social media in recruitment:

· HR & Corporate Recruiting Departments
· Government & Public Sector Organisations
· Recruitment Agencies
· Recruitment Advertising Agencies
· Job Boards
· Recruitment Industry Suppliers
· Recruitment Technology Providers

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Why HR needs good negotiation skills, and how you can build them

Why HR needs good negotiation skills, and how you can build themWhen the Government first announced that the public sector would have to make severe cuts, Richard Crouch, HR director of Somerset County Council, suggested that some HR teams would lack the necessary negotiation skills to deal with the changes.

Since then, Crouch has been forced to change his mind. He believes that, since the economic downturn started to bite, HR professionals now enter so many discussions about redundancies, pay and performance that they have had no choice but to hone their negotiation skills.

For the full story on how HR teams have improved their negotiating skills and tips on how to improve your own negotiating skills go to