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Human Resources Assistant Jobs Guide

The job of an HR assistant is a very important one in the grand scheme of jobs in HR because they ensure that the day to day running of the department continues as it should. HR assistant jobs not only have good prospects for promotion but can also be varied and interesting. To find out more about an HR assistant job, read on.

Jobs in HR – HR Assistant

  • In an HR assistant job, your primary role will be to assist with the recruitment process of new staff. To begin with you will do a lot of the background work such as reviewing CVs, obtaining references and screening applicants. As an HR assistant, you will also contact applicants to arrange interviews or inform them that they have been unsuccessful.
  • HR assistant jobs will also involve administrative and clerical tasks within the department and helping the HR officer when ever necessary such as devising or implementing training strategies, helping with employee safety issues and liaising between employees and other people with jobs in HR.
  • To be able to work in HR assistant jobs you need to have excellent administrative and clerical skills as well as the ability to work in an organised and methodical way. Basic IT skills will be essential and you will also be working with lots of different people so good communicative skills are important. You will need to be able to work under pressure and to deadlines in HR assistant jobs.
  • HR assistant jobs come with excellent opportunities to progress and as you gain more experience with jobs in HR you will take a more active role in the process of recruitment and employee relations. The next step in jobs in HR is that of the HR officer and then HR director.
  • HR assistant jobs require a good education up to A-level and preferably degree level. Previous office experience will also help your application for an HR assistant job. The average salary for HR assistant jobs will be in the region of £15k to £17k per year. You can search for HR assistant jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.

Information on Payroll Jobs

Payroll jobs are an essential part of any company as they ensure that all the employees get paid and things such as tax and national insurance are paid in the correct amounts. Payroll jobs will most likely be based in the HR department depending on the size of the company; there may well be duplicate jobs in payroll. To find out more about a payroll job, read on.

About Jobs in Payroll

  • The main focus of jobs in payroll is to calculate working hours and ensure that all employees in a company are paid correctly and on time. The payroll job will also involve working out national insurance and tax deductions as well making pension payments.
  • Jobs in payroll require certain skills and abilities to be able to do the job correctly. One of the main things about payroll jobs is the ability to pay attention to detail as even small mistakes can make a big difference to the amount that an employee gets paid. Payroll jobs require the use of a computer so basic IT skills are essential as are basic mathematical skills.
  • You will be working within the HR department of a company in a payroll job so the ability to work effectively with other people is essential. Good communicative and interpersonal skills will be helpful, as will the ability to work in a methodical and organised manner.
  • To be able to get jobs in payroll you will need a good GCSE education and previous office or administrative experience would help your application. Many companies use specific computer programs to assist with payroll jobs and previous experience with such programs would be beneficial.
  • The salary for jobs in payroll can vary but you should expect a salary in the region of £15k to £18k per year but managerial jobs in payroll can come with salaries of £25k+ per year. You can search for payroll jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.

Diversity Jobs Career Guide

Diversity_JobsWhat diversity jobs involve is a mystery to most people. If you are passionate about equal opportunities and think a diversity job might be for you but don’t know what it involves then this article will help you out.

It is important within businesses today that equal opportunities are recognised. Diversity jobs are put in place to ensure that employers meet legislative policies with regards to discrimination of employees.

Job Description of Diversity Jobs

Diversity jobs are there to eliminate discrimination. Diversity jobs are set up to ensure that there is no discrimination during the recruitment process and when in part time or full time employment.

You will find diversity jobs are set up in all public sector organisations and are becoming more and more commonplace every year. Laws are being changed and equal opportunities awareness is being heightened so businesses have to adapt to these changing times.

Diversity Job Activities

  • If you get a diversity job then it will be your responsibility to develop equal opportunities policies.
  • You will also have to identify and address any inequality issues within the workplace.
  • You will need to work together with employees to distinguish any discrimination and equality issues.
  • You will also have to keep in touch with organisations concerning disability, gender, relations and race.
  • As laws and legislations change you will have to keep up with them and ensure the company is too.

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Payroll Jobs Career Guide

Images_payrollThinking of applying for jobs in payroll but are not sure what is involved? If so this article will give you some useful information on the main work responsibilities of a payroll job.

The main task of payroll jobs is making sure that all members of staff are paid correctly. If you are looking for jobs in payroll then you have a couple of options. The first option would be to look internally within a business for jobs in payroll.  The second option would be looking for payroll jobs in external companies which charge other businesses for their services.

Payroll Jobs – Working Environment

If you work in payroll then your working hours will usually be between 9am and 5pm. You will normally work a 35 hour to 40 hour week and will spend your time in an office, mostly working with computers.

Payroll Job Responsibilities – Administrator Roles

  • Calculating pay.
  • Deducting tax and national insurance contributions.
  • Processing sick pay, maternity leave pay and holiday pay.
  • Working out overtime and pay increases.
  • Creating new staff records.
  • Issuing P45s and other general admin tasks.

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Profiling Change Management Jobs: A Guide

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in HR, one sector that can often be overlooked by job hunters is HR opportunities in change management. In a nutshell, change management jobs simply involve carrying out essential HR work in relation to organisational change.

Often, when a company is planning to make radical changes in regards to the structure of the organisation, they will call on change management professionals to assist with the delicate transitional phase.

Learn more about change management jobs in the guide below.

Change Management Jobs: An Overview

When change arrives at a company, inevitably, the fallout can be awkward, particularly if job losses or office relocation is involved. Therefore anybody working in a change management job will be expected to put strategies in place to ensure the transition is as hassle-free as possible.

One case where change management jobs are common is when a company is involved in a merger or acquisition. A change management professional will be tasked with the job of streamlining communications between the two companies, and will liaise with staff on both sides to ensure every employee has an understanding of the situation.

Change management jobs often involve the implementation of new training schemes, as well as mediating to ensure no obstacles emerge in the ongoing development of the company. Generally, the majority of consultation carried out by change management professionals will be with senior managers, offering advice on how best to implement change.

Therefore, exceptional skills of communication and organisation are required in order to fulfil the requirements of a change management jobs. Due to the sensitive nature of the position, discretion is also a key attribute in this HR role.

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Profiling Payroll Jobs

For any organisation, when it comes to the HR department, few jobs are more important than payroll jobs.

As the name suggests, a payroll employee will work as part of a team overseeing all payroll issues within a company, from administering wages to monitoring pay irregularities.

A mathematical, focused mind is needed to thrive in payroll – so if you feel you have the abilities to succeed in payroll jobs, you may find reading on will help you to learn more about this crucial HR role.

Payroll Jobs: Analysing Jobs in Payroll

The job role of a payroll administrator can vary on a day-to-day basis, although all activity will relate to the company pay roll. Primary duties can include:

  • Keeping track of employee work hours, overtime and ‘in lieu’ hours
  • Arranging tax deductions from salaries
  • Calculating commissions for staff on incentives
  • Scrutinising and correcting payroll errors
  • General data admin
  • Operating payroll software and systems
  • Training new payroll employees
  • Ensuring staff confidentiality in relation to payroll
  • Filing and securing payroll data and paperwork
  • Review employee salary changes

Qualifications and Key Attributes

A payroll administrator should hold a business administration or accounting degree. Some employers may only consider candidates with previous experience in a payroll environment. As this job involves operating advanced payroll computer systems, a high level of computer literacy is required.

To succeed in this role,  you’ll need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Excellent numerical ability
  • Strong organisational skills
  • A focused mind
  • The ability to multi-task
  • Confidence to communicate with all company departments
  • The ability to handle pay disputes

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Pensions jobs guide

Those in pensions jobs are working to manage, promote and administer employee pension schemes, and this includes a duty to educate staff members on the importance of saving for retirement. Nearly all major employers, both private and public, offer pension schemes to their employees, and a recent change in the law has meant that all employers must now provide a basic pension offering for eligible employees.

For this reason, pension jobs are an extremely important part of the strength of the economy, and the impact on many peoples’ lives.

There are a number of levels of job that can be worked in pensions jobs, which can be found in a range of different areas. These include:

• Pension departments of companies where the company’s own scheme is run.

• Benefits and actuarial firms are in place to give advice to businesses that have pension schemes.

• Specialist services are available as advisers and offer services like administration that is outsourced.

• Insurance companies where a lot of pension work can be found.

• Government agencies need an increasing number of experienced pension jobs workers.
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HR graduate job description

Graduates croppedThere are a number of graduate HR training schemes and these are usually the best place to start a successful HR career. Graduate HR jobs or graduate recruitment jobs will allow you to learn the skills required to progress in an HR career within a more experienced HR team.

A good degree (2:1 or above) is usually required for graduate HR schemes and graduate-level vacancies in HR. This industry is open to graduates from any discipline, and while HR-related degrees may be relevant, they are not necessarily considered an advantage.

HR Graduate Jobs

  • The first step in an HR career will most likely be in the role of HR assistant. These HR jobs will consist of keeping up the day to day running of the HR department and by starting your HR career at the bottom of the ladder, you will gain the best understanding of the way that HR jobs work.
  • Graduate HR jobs will involve a lot of administrative tasks for the more senior HR officer(s) such as writing and posting job adverts, obtaining references, reviewing and filing applicant’s CVs, arranging appointments and generally assisting senior employees.

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A Guide to Diversity Jobs

diversity jobsDiversity jobs are often misunderstood and not many people really understand what diversity jobs involve. Equal opportunities within the workplace is an important part of organisations which is run by personnel staff. It is important that diversity jobs are in place so that employers can be sure of meeting legislative policies with regards to discrimination of employees.

If you think diversity jobs might be for you then this article will give you some more information on the sort of things involved in a diversity job.

Diversity Job Responsibilities

The idea of a diversity job is to eliminate any type of discrimination during the recruitment process and during employment. In all public sector organisations you will find that diversity jobs are becoming more common every year. As laws are changed and awareness is heightened companies adapt and more diversity jobs will become available.

General Tasks Involved in Diversity Jobs

  • Developing equal opportunities policies.
  • Indentifying equality issues and addressing them immediately.
  • Work with employees to eradicate any equality problems.
  • Keeping in touch with race, relations, gender and disability organisations.
  • Keeping up to date with changes in legislations.
  • You will have to make sure the company is abiding by all equal opportunities laws.

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Pensions Jobs: Pension Administrator

Pension administrator jobs are very important within the HR department of any company as these pension jobs oversee the entire group pension plan and carries out the day to day admin as well as liaising with employees, insurance policy providers and the company. To find out more about these pensions jobs, read on.

Pension Administrator Jobs

  • Those with pension administrator jobs need to be able to work in an organised and methodical way because a large amount of the work in these pensions jobs is of an administrative nature and for obvious reasons, mistakes and oversights can be very costly.
  • Pension administrator jobs can be found in a wide variety of companies including pension providers (either public sector or private), a company pension scheme, third party administrators or consultants. These pension jobs require the individual to be able to liaise with a wide number of companies and individuals, therefore, it vital that those with pension administrator jobs have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • General day to day activities in pension administrator jobs will include keeping all pension scheme records, providing statements, calculating benefits and arranging how these are dealt with as well as overseeing pension payments upon the retirement of an individual. These pension jobs will also require the individual to ensure that the pension policy complies with financial law and regulations.
  • Because those with pensions administrator jobs will be dealing with customers on a regular basis, good customer service skills are essential. To be able to work in these pensions jobs, you will most likely require qualifications from the Pensions Management Institute. These can often be acquired while working pension jobs.
  • The salaries for pension administrator jobs can vary but once qualified, you should earn in the region of £18k – £23k per year. you can search for a wide range of pension administrator jobs here on Simply HR Jobs.