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Employment Law Checklist

Below is a guide of your legal obligations once you have employed someone. It is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that the Employment Law checklist is fulfilled.

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Equality and Diversity – Business facing 4 generations of workers.

The varied approach to different work styles and attitudes between younger and older employees is one of the most significant productivity challenges facing present employers, results of Capture It, a research project into the multi-generational workplace carried out by the Helen Hamlyn Centre at the Royal College of Art in collaboration with Steelcase. 

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Part time workers on the rise

Increasing numbers of job seekers are drawing a blank in the search for full-time work. New analysis by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) revealed that record numbers of people are working part-time because they can’t find full-time work. This numer has now reached over one million.

Over the past 2 years full time work has dropped by over 4% and there has also been a substantial increase in the number of temporary workers unable to find permanent jobs, up 40 percent since the recession began, the highest number on record, and a 45 per cent increase since the recession began. Read more »

Change Management Job Description

A change management job description can be described as a human resources professional who manages a variety of projects related to organisational change. When a company acquires a competitor, joins force with another organisation or needs to reduce staff levels, a change manager is brought on board to ensure smooth and responsible plans are set in place. This includes moving people into new roles or moving some people out of the company altogether. Working in a change management jobs role also involves focusing on technology, systems and business processes as well.

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Bristol City Guide

HR Jobs in Bristol come in a large number due to the Cities series of various districts and areas. Each district has its own unique character and charm.

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Take the Alan Sugar leadership test.

Alan Sugar returned to our screens in the Junior Apprentice last week, Below is the Alan Sugar test, devised by Kingston University in South West London – have you got what it takes to lead in your organisation?

Please choose a number between one and seven for how much you agree or disagree with the following statements. One is strongly disagree and seven is strongly agree.
  1. I think I am a very imaginative person.
  2. I am good at getting people to work well together.
  3. Making mistakes is a good way of finding out how to solve a problem.
  4. I work hard to make my projects successful.
  5. I think my future career is largely up to me.
  6. To achieve something worthwhile it is necessary to take risks.
  7. I enjoy lecturers who try out different ways of teaching.
  8. I’m good at motivating my colleagues.
  9. I trust my own instinct when solving problems.
  10. I would be prepared to invest my own money in a venture I believed in.
  11. It is important to plan my future career.
  12. It feels really good when a project works out well.
Calculation of results
To obtain an overall test score add the scores for all 12 statements. Maximum score is 84 and the minimum score is 12.
If you scored 70 or more you are a highly enterprising person. You like thinking up original ideas and you have the motivation and persuasive powers needed to get others involved. You trust your own judgement and are prepared to stand by your beliefs.
If you scored between 55 and 69 you can sometimes be enterprising and you have some of the qualities needed to be a successful leader or entrepreneur. However, you don’t yet have the self belief and drive to go all the way.
If you scored 54 or less you probably have all sorts of other qualities, but being enterprising isn’t one of them. Not everyone wants to be or can be an entrepreneur, and let’s face it there is probably only room for one Simon Cowell on the planet.
What is your score?
© 2009 Rosemary Athayde, Small Business Research Centre, Kingston University

HR Recruitment Jobs

A Human Resources Recruiter is responsible for the recruitment activity of your organization.

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HR Recruitment Screening

Being involved with HR Recruitment is one of the most important HR responsibilities. Finding and keeping key talent is crucial to the success of the business, for this to happen an effective recruitment process is key. 

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Pensions and Life Assurance

If you choose a career in pensions and life assurance, you could work at a range of levels, including administrator, advisor and manager.

If you choose to work as a pension’s manager, you’ll work for a company ensuring that their pension schemes are run effectively. Your tasks will include managing a team, processing claims and settling disputes, investing your company’s funds, planning new pension schemes, marketing, preparing annual reports and making sure that the standards of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) are met. Read more »

Working in Payroll

The payroll job is an essential role of any company. If you work in payroll, your main responsibility is making sure that staff are paid their wages on time and correctly, hours are properly calculated and that taxes are correctly recorded. The majority of the work is handled by computer systems and software that can automatically calculate staffs details. Read more »