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HR Training Jobs – What Skills Do I Need?

HR training jobs are mainly concerned with creating and implementing training procedures for staff within a company. Employee training is crucial in making sure that a business runs efficiently and therefore at a profit. Larger companies will have specialist parts of their HR department that runs human resources, smaller companies may have a small department that carries out all of the training in HR.

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Working Abroad – International HR Jobs

It is becoming more and more common for people to start moving abroad and starting a new life. This can pose a problem when it comes to getting a job. Once all the necessary paperwork such as the visa is taken care of, attention will turn to getting a job. International HR jobs are not that much different from the HR jobs that can be found in the UK. The basic principles of the job such as handling employee relations, training and implementing policies are basically the same.

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Employee Relations Jobs – A Guide

Employee Relations Jobs

To function effectively, any business or organisations needs to ensure any matters that may arise in regards to employee relations are handled swiftly and efficiently. Therefore, employee relations jobs are becoming increasingly important in the working environment. To learn more about what the job of an employee relations specialist entails, read the guide below.

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HR Business Partner Job Description

HR Business Partner

There’s much to recommend a job as an HR partner – but this varied role is not suited to everyone, as it involves a lot of versatility and plenty of attention to detail. If you’re interested in HR business partner jobs
read the job description below to learn more about landing your dream job in this field.

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HR Recruitment Jobs – Working for an Agency

Working for HR recruitment agencies can entail a number of varied responsibilities all with the aim of providing staff for client organisations. These jobs can range from entry-level roles, to executive and corporate positions, depending on the HR recruitment agency and what they specialise in. There are a great number of HR recruitment agencies available to suit jobseekers and employers. Both temporary and permanent positions are available through these agencies.

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Compensation and Benefits Job Description

A compensation and benefits job requires the responsibility for an organisation’s reward and benefits policies. The compensation and benefits manager must develop, implement and then administer these policies. Salaries, bonuses and benefits for employees such as pensions, are all figured out by the compensation and benefits manager.

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Occupational Health Courses

Occupational Health

Occupational Health has become an increasingly important part of the workplace in 21st century Britain, and unsurprisingly, this means occupational health courses have become more popular than ever at British universities. If you’re interested in studying occupational health, it’s essential to know exactly what qualifications you need to excel in this career path. Below, you can also find a general job overview for an occupational health professional.

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Organisational Development Jobs – A Guide

organisation development 2

Organisation development jobs are classed as a branch of management consulting. If you are looking for organisational development jobs then you will be involved in helping clients to increase their business’ efficiency. You will also be assisting companies in introducing new policies which will help them to conquer new challenges in business.

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HR Jobs in Charities – Job Description

HR jobs in charities are not very different from an HR job in any other company, the job still involves managing people within the charity to make sure everything is working at its best and that all relevant policies are implemented. This article describes charity HR  jobs.

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Organisational Development Job Description

organisation development

If you are considering a career in development organisation but are not entirely sure about what organisational development jobs entail then this article should help to outline the basics.

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