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HR Interviews – 3 Areas That Will Help You Ace HR Interviews

HR interviews can be stressful and unpredictable, so doing your homework is essential. Here are three areas you should be prepared in advance to talk about because you’ll certainly be asked about them in the interview.

1. Be prepared to explain why you’re leaving your current company.

Expect to have to answer this question in your first phone interview. The interviewer doesn’t want to hear all the gory details about why things didn’t work out in your last job. But the hiring company’s due diligence requirements compel the interviewer to ask – and you should have a brief, logical, professional answer that reflects well on you, your former boss and your former employer. When in doubt, be hard on the issues and soft on the people involved.

2. Be prepared to describe how your current HR job has contributed to your company’s results.

Recruiters know that the best predictor of future performance in Human Resources is a successful past track record. HR professionals who can link their work to the bottom line are in high demand. You don’t have to be an ex-CFO, but you need to be comfortable explaining how your job (and the job for which you are applying) will impact your company’s P&L, and be able to discuss it articulately.

3. Be prepared to talk about how you’ve built and led successful HR teams.

HR professionals who can lead teams effectively are attractive candidates. Leadership and team skills get more critical every year as companies seek to accomplish more with less. How many people report to you now? Under your leadership, how have your direct reports grown both personally and professionally? Be prepared to provide details.

Scripting and preparing yourself in advance to talk about these three areas comfortably will go a long ways towards helping you ace HR interviews.

Source : Alan Collins – EzineArticles

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