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CIPD reports 30% increase in exhibition visitors since 2008

The CIPD has reported a 28% increase in visitors at its Annual Exhibition since moving from Harrowgate to Manchester, as well as a 9% increase in conference delegates.

Speaking yesterday at the closing key note session of the three-day event, the CIPD’s president Vicky Wright said: “We have reached out to more people to hear our new HR message. And through social media, more people than ever have shared in our conference.”

Wright added: “The CIPD is calling for much more clarity in the HR profession. Next generation HR is a real presence working in high performing, sustainable and committed departments, but they urgently need a business connection.

“The CIPD needs to be able to provide services to new organisations and our professional map has been aligned to play that role with new services to help our members be successful.”

Source : The HR Magazine

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