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HR recruitment continues upward trend despite recession

The Human Resources recruitment market has continued to improve and is bucking the recession, new figures have revealed.
In its latest employment index, Monster reported a one point increase in hiring activity in the sector, from 63 to 64 points.
This follows an 11 per cent increase in the HR recruitment index during July.
Although the news has been positive for the last two months, the fact that the baseline figure is 100 means there is still some way to go before the sector returns to normal.
However Hugo Sellert, head of economic research at Monster Worldwide, believes firms looking to recruit should be able to find the people they need.
He said: “The rising number of unemployed means that businesses have a larger pool of available talent to choose from.
“This increase in ease-of-hiring is in turn contributing to the reduction in advertising of live jobs.”
Recently, Stephanie Bird, director of HR capability at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, suggested that employers will be looking for professionals who have a proven track record in boosting workplace engagement.
Ian Partington, managing director of Simply Jobs Boards, said the HR market was proving to be strong despite the country’s bleak employment and economic condition.
”At Simply we have more than 400 HR jobs on offer at present, a phenomenally high figure given the current climate,” he said.
”People looking to break into or move around in this sector should be optimistic that we can help them secure the career they are looking for.”

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