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Dads ‘to share maternity leave’

New fathers will be able to take six months’ leave under plans to “split” maternity leave, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is to announce.

The plan would allow mothers to return to work after six months and fathers to stay at home with the baby.

But plans to extend paid maternity leave from nine to 12 months are set to be shelved in an effort to save cash.

A government source said the manifesto “goal” was “under review” but no decision has been taken.

In Labour’s 2005 manifesto, the party said it would extend paid maternity leave to nine months – which it did in 2007 – with the “goal of achieving a year’s paid leave by the end of the Parliament”.

The Guardian reported that aim would not now be implemented before the next election.

Currently fathers can claim up to two weeks’ paid leave, up to eight weeks after their child is born.

Source : BBC News