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Firms using Twitter for e-marketing

Firms are increasingly looking to social networking site Twitter as a more economical means of e-marketing, according to Deborah Collier, chief strategist at e-business consultancy Echo E-Business.

Collier says: “Email marketing offers a channel to directly target subscribers, however the return on investment, particularly for smaller businesses, is still fairly low in comparison to other media channels.

The biggest email marketing value for many businesses, particularly in the B2B markets, is in relationship and brand building over a period of time, supporting the overall sales process. Now we have Twitter to do that, and it’s free.

“From restaurant bookings to product launches, Twitter has now become a de facto tool, not only for relationship building, but also sales.

“It’s important to remember, however, that it’s not what tool you use, but also why, how and when to use it. With any strategy it’s important to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time, and that your message is communicated effectively.”

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The worlds biggest coffee morning

Simple, inclusive and enjoyable, holding a coffee morning in the workplace on the 25 September is an excellent opportunity to get staff together and engage them in a common cause.

One of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, Dragons Den’s Deborah Meaden, is helping Macmillan to raise awareness of the business benefits of getting involved in the World’s Biggest Coffee Mornings. Deborah says; “It is easy in this digital age to forget just how important face to face contact is in business. There couldn’t be an easier way to get your colleagues together and build relationships than joining the world’s biggest coffee morning. And the icing on the cake is that all the money raised will help Macmillan reach and improve the lives of over two million people living with cancer in the UK.”
The world’s biggest coffee morning is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK, with over two million people taking part last year. Supported by businesses and retailers of all sizes, over 50,000 coffee mornings are expected to be held across the country. Macmillan provides essential information, expert medical care, emotional support and financial help not only to people diagnosed with cancer but also their family and carers.

Charles Byrne, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Events at Macmillan says: “With the widespread cutting of  budgets, supporting a fundraising event like the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning provides a simple and cost effective way to improve morale among staff, while raising money for people affected by cancer.”

This year npower aims to beat last years total of £108,000 raised and is looking forward to taking part again this year as employee engagement levels for the world’s biggest coffee morning are huge with almost every site taking part.

Carol Hart, Community Involvement Manager at npower explains: “We have a large and diverse workforce at npower, so finding something that is fun and engaging for everyone is no simple task. We’ve been supporting the world’s biggest coffee morning since 2004 and with almost all of our employees taking part, it’s something that is very important to the business.”

“The world’s biggest coffee morning is really enjoyable, it raises money for a cause that will affect us all – either directly or indirectly – and it brings people together. I’d recommend it to any business or workplace.”

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Source : The HR Director