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CV Safe

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment has written a comprehensive guide to help job seekers stay safe when searching for a new job. With identity theft rife in the UK and candidates perhaps not realising how sensitive a document their CV can be, Aaron Wallis have written a no-nonsense guide detailing precautions to take to help protect you against identity crime.

As Rob Scott, Managing Director explained, “most people regularly shred their bank statements and utility bills yet happily send their CV containing their full name, address, date of birth, career and educational history to complete strangers.

This information is just one or two pieces of data away from opening a bank account in their name. With a few searches of social networking sites this additional missing information can be found in minutes”.

The guide goes on to detail recruitment scams and the dangers of social networking when looking for a new job.

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Law on tour to focus on Equality Bill

The Law on Tour workshops from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are a ‘one stop shop’ for the latest on employment law. This autumn’s workshops offer a thorough employment law refresher, look at important case law decisions and preview new legislation.

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